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Delta Electronics Donates DiaCheck Glucose Meters to Benefit Underprivileged Diabetes Patients with TADE and Wellcare


Delta Electronics Donates DiaCheck Glucose Meters to Benefit Underprivileged Diabetes Patients with TADE and Wellcare

Taipei, Taiwan, May 13, 2010 – Delta Electronics Foundation (DEF) announced today its donation of DiaCheck Glucose Meters to benefit underprivileged diabetes patients in cooperation with the Taiwan Association of Diabetes Educators (TADE) and Wellcare Health Care Supply. The donation will include 1,000 DiaCheck Glucose Meters and 4,000 sets of DiaCheck Glucose Testing Strips and lancets made by Delta Electronics. Distribution of the donated items will begin from today at the diabetes health education unit of dozens of hospitals and Wellcare stores across Taiwan.

According to Delta Electronics' Founder and Chairman Bruce Cheng, "Delta entered the medical electronics field with our core electronics technologies and we wish to give back to society through our biomedical engineering and quality medical electronics products. We are glad to work with TADE and Wellcare Health Care Supply as they effectively care for underprivileged diabetes patients through their close network."

According to TADE Chairperson Dr. Wayne Huey-herng Hsu, "I am glad to work with Delta Electronics, the leader of Taiwan's high technology manufacturing industry. Besides helping diabetes caregivers improve their professional knowledge and techniques in diabetes health education, the donation can benefit the blood glucose control of diabetes patients and improve the daily quality of life for patients and their families. This can also save on costs to society and promote the importance of health to the public."

Wellcare Chairman Tiel-yuan Lai maintained, "Diabetes patients are increasing by 7% every year worldwide, and the disease is the top fifth cause of death in Taiwan. This suggests that diabetes patients are a group of high concern for society. By periodically measuring blood glucose, the incidence and mortality of diabetes can be reduced. Also, by promoting this product, diabetes patients can discover the disease earlier and receive early treatment. It is our great pleasure to work with Delta Electronics in distributing its DiaCheck Glucose Meter to the needy through our stores, which provides diabetes patients with higher quality and more advanced care."

The DiaCheck Glucose Meter donated by the Delta Electronics Foundation was developed by a Delta Electronics R&D team in collaboration with Case Western Reserve University of the USA and manufactured by Delta Electronics. The meter has undergone demanding accuracy tests, including a comparison of 240 cases at domestic medical centers to ensure accuracy up to 98.3% and a variation under 4%. The DiaCheck Glucose Meter from Delta Electronics is on par with any glucose meter manufactured by leading manufacturers worldwide. The fast blood draw-in design for eliminating interference of the DiaCheck makes the test rapid and convenient. With just 0.8ml of blood, the novel reagent design reduces response time to 5 seconds. The practically pain-free blood draw design, ergonomic interface and large display are all user friendly. Users can also download test data to any blood glucose management software to facilitate systemic control.

Delta Electronics has successfully distributed the DiaCheck products worldwide, including Europe and Asia; and the US and other markets are on the way. For the near future, Delta Electronics plans to launch more medical electronics to the global market.